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Helping Companies Meet Their Nursing Care Goals

AnyShyft offers solutions for nurse staffing.

We specialize in nursing care staffing to companies which have complex staffing medical demands; or clients with cognitive challenging conditions that require an expert healthcare professional. Whether the care needs are simple or challenging, we pride ourselves on the ability to help families face many situations they will encounter as caregivers As an employee of AnyShyft, your requested nursing shifts will be instantly matched with our extensive network of nursing providers and sent to the ones that best fit your needs. We automatically verify our nursing professionals’ nursing licenses every week.

Why Choose AnyShyft?


Chief nursing officers are often looking to reduce their contingency spend by cutting on labor costs. Supplemental labor can become expensive in the long-run, which is why healthcare executives are looking for a sustainable solution to properly staff their facilities.

While it may be desirable for hospitals to select staffing agencies that promise low fees or rates, it may compromise the quality of RNs they receive. Before choosing an agency solely based on the price of their services, take time to understand what types of benefits they offer. If you are looking to hire a temp to perm, you may want an agency that offers long-term support through the duration of the RNs contract.

If the goal is to fill vacancies quickly, travel nurses may be a good option; however, hospitals may end up spending more when they invest in short-term travel assignments to address long-term staffing challenges. Alternatively, international nurse staffing can reduce contingency spend by cutting labor costs.

The rate at which you need a nurse placed at your facility is one of the key factors when determining a staffing agency to partner with. The speed at which you need a nurse to fill in will depend on the type of nurse you are looking for. Those who have immediate needs (facilities that need coverage in the coming days), should consider using a per diem nurse or PRN nurse to supplement the vacancy.

Alternatively, if your facility is regularly short-staffed, perhaps finding a temp-to-perm placement would bring more sustainably to your unit. Contingent on the agency you choose to work with, this option can take longer—sometimes weeks—to find a qualified nurse that fits your needs. At Veracity Care Staffing it takes between eight to 12 weeks on average to place a nurse once the contract is signed. It generally takes longer to place a nurse this route because qualified RNs go through screening, selection, and interview processes depending on the nurse specialty specific to your facility.

Although speed is an important factor for consideration in the short-term, it may be worth looking into a sustainable long-term strategy even if RNs take longer to arrive at the facility.

A quality nurse is not only experienced and hardworking but also fits well into our culture of the organization; we prioritize teamwork, communication, and patient safety. How smoothly an RN will transition into your facility depends on the level of preparation they received prior to starting their contract.

For example, at Veracity Care Staffing, RNS, LPNS AND CNAS have an average of five to 10 years of experience prior to being hired by Veracity Care Staffing. After meeting the initial qualifications, they undergo a pre-employment virtual orientation from up to a week before they start their assignment with a client. After arriving at the client, they begin a five-week comprehensive clinical and cultural transitions program to best bridge the gap between clinical practice elsewhere and the client. Veracity’s client base also has full control over the selection process of nurses with resumes of potential candidates to interview.

Having nurses that can easily and quickly acclimate to your unit is vital to keeping up with the faced-paced environment of the floor. A nurse that performs at a high caliber will ultimately contribute to the long-term stability of the unit, which is why “quality” is a primary decision factor when deciding to partner with our staffing agency.